Tuesday, August 31, 2004

KUTV: Can Shoes Relieve Foot and Leg Pain?

KUTV: Can Shoes Relieve Foot and Leg Pain?It's an unusual pair of footwear but some swear it's making a difference with certain kinds of foot and leg pain. Debbie Worthen explains in this Healthy Living report.

Ok so they're not a fashion statement but loyal customers of Z-Shoes say it's a small price to pay for relief they feel from things like foot, leg and back pain.

Lara Kjersted is the owner and chef at the Singing Cricket restaurant. She's on her feet all day and says these shoes have helped relieve pain she's had for years.

“I'm there 10-12 hours cooking and supervising. These shoes do wonders. I don’t have ankle, knee and hip problems,” said Lara.

The coil spring is mounted to a solid orthodic that from the ball of your foot to the heel, your foot does not flex or bend which helps eliminate Planter Facitis or heel spurs and reduces skeletal impact by 50-percent.

Retailers say Z-Shoes won't fix problems, but can help people feel better and say many experience immediate relief.

“Most people know within a minute of putting the shoe on if it's going to make a difference for them,” said Richard Redlein, owner Z-Best pain relief footwear.

Z-Best Ad


I am a manager in a Super Market and I am on my feet 8 to 10 hours a day. I use to come home and soak my feet because of the pain. I started wearing Z-Coil shoes several months ago and found they made a change in how my feet have felt after being on them all day. I no longer have to soak my feet at night when I get home. My feet feel better and I don't have the pain. I recommend anyone with pain or no pain in their feet to try Z-Coil and see if they make their feet feel better.

Ray E. Atencio
Assistant Manager Dans Supermarket
Park City, Utah

Saturday, August 28, 2004

Your Health Matters Today - Chattanooga, TN - Pain Relief Footwear - Feet & Footz

Your Health Matters Today - Chattanooga, TN - Pain Relief Footwear - Feet & Footz: "Edwin and Carolyn Roberts are the owners of "Feet & Footz". They have lived in Chattanooga, TN most of their lives and decided to delay their retirement to bring this product to the Chattanooga area.

Carolyn has followed the development of this footwear for the past 10 years.

She was on assignment in Albuquerque and watched newspaper and TV segments on Al's (Al Gallegos) design and development of the footwear.

In October, 2002, Edwin and Carolyn were in Albuquerque at the Balloon Fiesta and both purchased footwear. Upon returning home they were asked many questions about their footwear. They also learned that many people suffer with some type of foot, back or leg pain and would 'Iove' to find a solution to their pain and discomfort.

Seeing the need for this product, teamed with the feet that Tennessee has one of the highest rates of people on prescription drugs, high rates for stroke and diabetes and lots of wonderful places to walk. they made the decision to open their store. The location in Red Bank was chosen because it has a large, level parking lot and is on a main thoroughfare with a reasonable flow of traffic. "

Friday, August 27, 2004

Z-CoiL Customer Newsletter - Summer 2004

Z-CoiL Customer Newsletter The Z-CoiL Customer Newsletter, a full color quarterly publication, is now available at A Step Above Footwear or it can be downloaded from the Z-CoiL web site.

Z-CoiL Springs Into Action

Spring Into Action allows us to share in the triumph of those people who have tried Z-CoiLs, and found their lives changed for the better. Many of the happiest Z-CoiL customers are people who work in retail stores, restaurants, warehouses and hospitals, who must spend hours every day on their feet, often on concrete floors.

“Z-CoiL Footwear has literally changed my life,” declares Claudia McIntosh, a nurse in Albuquerque, New Mexico. “I suffered from severe foot pain from years of hard hospital floors and extremely long hours. The Z-CoiLs have taken all of my pain away and I have tons more energy on a daily basis. I have made such a stir in the hospital where I work that over half of the nursing staff now use Z-CoiLs.”

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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

A Step Above Footwear Testimonial

I had no idea when I first tried on the Z-Coils that wearing these shoes was going to make such a difference to me. Shoes are just shoes right? Wrong! Z-Coil is in a class by itself. Within days of wearing these shoes, the pain that I had for over six months in the heel of my right foot was gone. And wearing these shoes energizes me. Instead of hitting a hard surface, my feet hit a receptive one. I’ve given all but two pair of my non-Z-Coil shoes away, and I hope the Z-Coil dress version is coming out soon.

Finally, a shoe has been designed that not only supports the foot comfortably but also encourages the foot to heal itself from the damage caused by wearing shoes that were constructed to make the foot conform to the shoe. Thank you Z-Coil for getting it right.

Anita, Santa Rosa, CA

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Tips for Healthy Feet

Healthy Feet

by The Foot Health Foundation of America

According to the American Podiatric Medical Association two major long-term studies confirm the beneficial effects of regular walking on a person's overall health and well-being. The first study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, followed 707 nonsmoking retired men, 61 to 81 years of age, who were in the Honolulu Heart Program. The study revealed that regular exercise walking lowered the risk of death from cancer and cardiovascular disease and - in general - prolonged life. Increasing the walking distance from just one to two miles produced even greater results. The second study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, tracked nearly 16,000 healthy men and women in a national registry of twins for an average of 19 years. Taking brisk half-hour walks just six times a month appeared to cut the risk of death by 44 percent among twins observed, and even occasional exercisers were 30 percent less likely to die than their sedentary twins.

In addition to the long-term benefit of prolonging life, seniors can experience many short-term benefits from walking. Walking:

  • Controls weight, blood sugar and cholesterol levels. A brisk walk can burn up to 100 calories per mile or 300 calories per hour. Walking is the perfect complement to a sensible diet to lose weight and keep it off.
  • Improves cardiovascular fitness and circulation. Walking gets the heart beating faster to transport oxygen-rich blood from the lungs to the muscles; and increases the size and improves the efficiency of tiny vessels that supply blood for cellular respiration.
  • Facilitates medical rehabilitation and recovery from many ailments, including heart attack.
  • Generates a sense of well-being, and can relieve depression, anxiety and stress by naturally producing endorphins, the body's natural tranquilizer.

Walking Tips for Seniors

Warm up and cool down. Stretching improves circulation and decreases build-up of lactic acid - the chemical by-product that causes muscles to ache. It also helps alleviate any muscle stiffness and prevents future muscle strain. As a result, you can walk further, longer and injury free. Before and after walking allow ample time to perform a few simple movements, stretching the hamstrings, calves, Achilles tendons and shins.

Choose proper footgear. Buying shoes is the only real expenditure necessary for walking, so don't cut corners on your shoe budget; treat your feet well! If you experience swelling in your feet, try on athletic shoes in the afternoon - when your feet are most swollen - to ensure an accurate fit. Look for a shoe that is stable from side to side; well-cushioned; enables you to walk smoothly and comfortably; and gives you enough room to wiggle your toes, yet be snug in the heel. Also, look for shoes that carry the American Podiatric Medical Association's Seal of Approval.

Pay attention to your feet. Changes and/or pain in the feet and ankles are not normal and could indicate a serious foot ailment or circulatory problem. Warning: Self-treatment can turn a minor problem into a major one, making fitness more difficult. Become familiar with your feet and ankles by examining them - before and after - walking. If you notice red spots, swelling, or other abnormalities, including numbness, tingling or burning, consult a podiatric physician as soon as possible.

Walk on soft ground. With age, the natural shock absorbers (or "fat padding") in your feet deteriorate, as does bone density, particularly in women. These factors combined make seniors prone to stress fractures. Softer ground is more foot-friendly, producing less shock than harder surfaces. If possible, walk on grass or dirt paths that are flat, even and well-manicured.

Avoid walking in cold weather. Cold weather causes numbness, limiting your ability to detect trauma or wounds to the feet. It also makes surfaces harder, exerting undue shock on the feet and ankles. Head to the local mall or walk at an indoor track or exercise facility.

If you have diabetes, use extra precaution. If you suffer from diabetes, you are prone to infection from even minor injuries. Many people with diabetes experience a loss of sensation in the feet, making it difficult to detect injury. Untreated or improper self-treatment of ailments could lead to serious, permanent damage or possible amputation. Check your feet daily for redness, blisters or injury. If you experience any numbness, tingling or have wounds or abnormalities of any kind, see a podiatric physician immediately.

Exercise smart. Establishing an exercise program is a huge undertaking, and even the most minimal injury could "sideline" you for days - even months. Knowing your limit and exercising with caution can ward off injuries and frustration. Set appropriate and realistic goals. Pace yourself, choose an activity you like, increase your exercise program gradually and pay attention to what your body, including your feet, tells you. Drink fluids on hot days or during very strenuous activities, to avoid heat stroke and heat exhaustion.

* The Foot Health Foundation of America recommends that you consult a primary care and/or podiatric physician before beginning a fitness program, especially if you are substantially overweight, physically inactive and become easily fatigued, and/or have a pre-existing foot condition or a family history of heart disease, poor circulation or diabetes.

How Fit Are Your Feet?
Self Assessment Quiz from the Foot Health Foundation of America

In spite of being on their feet four or more hours each day, most Americans don't give their feet a second thought until they begin to hurt. Yet the wear and tear of every day life can aggravate many foot and ankle problems, from bunions and heel pain to arthritis and shin splints. Foot and ankle health is important to overall health, well-being and mobility, and plays a major role in the pursuit of fitness. The following "How Fit Are Your Feet?" Self Assessment Quiz will give you an idea of just how healthy your feet and ankles are.

1. How much time do you spend on your feet each day?

a. less than 2 hours

b. 2 - 4 hours

c. 5 - 7 hours

d. 8 hours or more

2. How old are you?

a. under 40

b. between 40 and 59

c. 60 and over

3. How would you describe your weight?

a. less than 20 pounds overweight or at ideal weight

b. 20 - 39 pounds overweight

c. 40 or more pounds overweight

4. Have problems with your feet or ankles ever prevented you from participating in:

a. leisure/sports activities?

b. work activities?


5. Have you ever received medical treatment for problems with your feet and/or ankles?

a. yes
b. no

6. Do you regularly wear heels two inches or higher?

a. yes
b. no

7. What types of exercise do you engage in or plan to engage in? (check all that apply)

a. walking
b. field sports (e.g., softball, golf)
c. winter sports (e.g., skiing, ice skating)
d. court sports (e.g., tennis, basketball)
e. aerobics
f. running
g. none (if you chose answer g, skip to question 11)

8. Do you have the appropriate shoes for your sport or sports?

a. yes
b. no

9. Do you experience foot or ankle pain when walking or exercising?

a. rarely
b. sometimes
c. often
d. never

10. Do you:

a. exercise in footwear that is more than one year old or in hand-me-down footwear?
yes 3
b. stretch properly before and after exercising?

11. Do you:
a. have diabetes?
b. experience numbness and/or burning in your feet?
c. have a family history of diabetes?

12. Do you: (check all that apply)
a. sprain your ankles frequently (once a year or more) or are your ankles weak?

b. have flat feet or excessively high arches?

c. experience pain in the Achilles tendon or heel or have shin splints (pain in the front lower leg)?

d. have corns, calluses, bunions or hammertoes?

e. have arthritis or joint pain in your feet?

f. have poor circulation or cramping in your legs?

Total Score: _______________

0 - 20 points: Congratulations! Your feet and ankles are very healthy and you can maintain your active lifestyle and/or exercise regimen. With proper attention and care your feet and ankles should remain healthy; however, you may want to schedule an annual exam with a podiatric physician to ensure their long-term health. Furthermore, if you scored points for questions 4, 5, 9, 11 or 12 you should consider visiting a podiatric physician for a check-up.

21 - 40 points: Pay attention. Your feet and ankles are showing signs of wear, placing you in the moderate risk category. Although you can continue your normal activities, you should strongly consider visiting a podiatric physician for a check-up. If you participate in a rigorous exercise regimen on a regular basis or plan to - or if you scored points for questions 4, 5, 9, 11 or 12 - you should visit a podiatric physician soon to safeguard your foot and ankle health.

41 points or higher: Caution. Your feet and ankles are at high risk for long-term medical problems and you should visit a podiatric physician as soon as possible. If you exercise, you should pay particular attention to your feet and ankles until you see a podiatric physician. If you have not begun exercising, it is advisable to see a podiatric physician before undertaking any type of exercise.

Now that you've assessed the health of your feet and ankles, you are armed with knowledge that will enable you to maintain their health over a lifetime.

NOTE: Even if you scored well, this self assessment is not a substitute for a physical exam. Furthermore, if you are over 40 and have any problems with your:

* heart
* circulation
* respiration
* blood pressure
* pulse rate
* cholesterol

or if you have a pre-existing medical condition or injury, you should consult a physician before beginning an exercise program.

For more information or a referral to a local podiatric physician, call the Foot Health Foundation of America at 1-800-FOOTCARE.

Monday, August 23, 2004

After 35 years of foot pain

Google News

I've had chronic pain, and chronic foot pain, for thirty-five years. My massage therapist told me about ZCoils. Our local store is in the same little shopping center as the massage therapist, so one day I stopped in on a Saturday and tried on, nay, purchased my first pair of ZCoils, the High Desert Hikers. On Tuesday I came back for the Zueco Clogs so I could have some springy "slippers." The following Saturday I returned for pair #3, the blue and white Freedom 2000's. I have given up conventional shoes altogether and have been working part time in the store in order to purchase more styles. I now have five. My first pairs still look great. I can't imagine life without ZCoils. Just wish they'd been around these past thirty-five years!

Shellie, Santa Rosa

Sunday, August 22, 2004

A Step Above Footwear Testimonial: I zeroed in on pain relief

Only 20 minutes into the Health and Harmony fair, and already my feet were hurting enough to make me wonder how I could make the rest of the day.

Walking by a booth I saw really funny looking shoes. "What are these for?" I asked. I zeroed in on about the 4th word, pain relief, now they had my full attention.

About 5 minutes later the funny shoes were on my feet. Not only the foot pain was gone but so was the back pain from a car accident that persisted for the last 4 years. Completely, instantly, gone.

I now own 6 pairs of the "funny shoes" and have put back into my life things like hiking, gallery hopping and a wide range of choices in my life that I did not have before Z-Coils.

Santa Rosa CA

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Big brand shoes get a run for their money

Z-CoiL breaking new ground with its pain-free footwear

By Dan Thanh Dang
Sun Staff
Copyright © 2004, The Baltimore Sun
July 31, 2004

If Al Gallegos has his way, every man, woman and child will one day walk with a spring in their steps and a satisfied smile on their faces.

The spring will come attached to the heel of a strange, space age-looking shoe Gallegos wants to sell you. And the smile, well, that will come once you put on the shoe, says the 73-year-old inventor of the Z-CoiL line of pain-relief footwear.

Z-CoiLs first hit the shelves four years ago in New Mexico, and since then, the shoes have become something of a cult item. They're sold only through authorized dealers and are targeted toward people with painful leg, foot and back problems. About 350,000 pairs of the shoes have been sold to date, a relative drop in the footwear market.

So worry not, Reebok and Nike. At least for now.

But at last count, there were 227 Z-CoiL dealers in 39 states, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Canada, and the company's goal is to open 1,000 stores. The shoes have been featured in major publications, studied by two research laboratories and recommended by the Arthritis Foundation's magazine.

"It's a dream come true after such a long time and so much work," says Gallegos, who flew in from Albuquerque this week to attend the grand opening of the Coil Heaven store in Laurel today. "We knew our product was good, but we didn't think people would cotton to it the way that they have. When I visit these stores, people hug me up and tell me what a huge difference my shoes have made in their lives. I'm constantly surprised when I'm traveling around and I see people wearing them.

"I just want to get a shoe on the next person and make them feel good," says Gallegos, a distance runner who claims to sprint a 5 1/2 -minute mile in his Z-CoiLs.

To make it simple for Z-CoiL newbies:

  • Yes. They are funny-looking. But they come in different styles including sandals, sneakers, hiking boots, clogs or work boots.
  • Yes. They do make you bounce. Like walking on a trampoline.
  • No. They can't cover the coil to make the shoe prettier. Well, yes, they can. (There is a closed-heel boot, with a steel toe, for construction workers who don't want the steel spring to accidentally catch the rung of a ladder.) Covering the coil lessens its ability to compress and expand, allowing it to absorb the impact on your body as you walk, run or hike.
  • No. They don't do any advertising. Z-CoiLs are sold by word-of-mouth, and dealers will often go to hospital and nursing fairs to demonstrate the shoes for potential customers.
  • Yes. They are a bit pricey, between $139.95 to $179.95 depending on the style.
    But, really, what price, pain? Or rather, to be pain-free?

An estimated 75 percent of Americans will experience foot health problems of varying degrees of severity at one time or another in their lives, according to the American Podiatric Medical Association. Gallegos and Z-CoiL devotees say the footwear helps people suffering from such ailments as heel spurs and plantar fasciitis, a painful inflammation to the bottom of the foot.

Additionally, Gallegos says, sufferers of lower back pain, arthritis and knee problems have also found relief with the shoe.

He himself has suffered from various foot, knee and back pains and first thought of using springs in shoes while out running his typical seven miles one day. His thought was that every car, from economy to luxury vehicles, uses shock absorbers to take a beating while passengers sit smoothly in their seats. Why not use the same simple technology in footwear?

What he came up with was a 3-inch conical coil steel spring, a rigid orthotic mold to support the arch and plenty of cushioning to surround the foot. The longtime shoe store owner then had a local butcher cut the soles of some shoes and then glued the coil to the heel.

The end product looked like one of Wile E. Coyote's harebrained schemes to catch the elusive Road Runner.

Manufacturers and the shoe industry reacted to it in similar fashion. Some laughed. Some derided the effort. Many doubted its success. It took Gallegos five years to get a patent for the idea and then another couple years, with his son, Andres, to find a manufacturer in Korea to make the shoes.

Last year, the privately held company posted net record sales of $6.3 million and net income of $1.2 million. After the opening in Laurel, Gallegos is heading north to scout store space in New York.

"Man, wouldn't it be neat to put one there?" Gallegos says. "It's really taking off. They make people feel good."

But don't take Gallegos' word for it. Two independent studies funded by grants that Gallegos won from the U.S. Department of Energy - one by the Los Alamos National Laboratory Project and a second by the Sandia National Laboratories - seem to support his claims.

Research indicated, according to Los Alamos' study, that the "design of the Recoil shoe may be an improvement over that of the typical elastomer cushioned running shoe. The initial impact forces appear to be less abrupt in the Recoil shoes, resulting in a reduction of the jarring effect to the foot and the lower leg of a runner as the heel impacts the ground." The Los Alamos study concluded that Z-CoiLs return energy to the foot.

The Sandia study showed that the Z-CoiL also absorbed 50 percent of the force placed on it when compared to a popular name-brand cushioned shoe.

Deborah Brackens, a nurse for 26 years, says the shoe has eased her aches and pains.
"I have osteoarthritis," says Brackens, an administrator at Prince George's Hospital Center who owns a pair of Z-CoiL clogs. "If you're a nurse, you're walking on concrete floor or linoleum all day. By the end of the day, your feet are tired and you're tired. For me, they lessen the pain on my hips. If you're trying to preserve your bones and joints, these are great."

It might be awhile before the word gets out. Z-CoiL has no advertising budget and relies mainly on word-of-mouth. A spokeswoman at the giant shoe retailer Nike Inc. said they've never heard of Z-CoiLs.

That's fine by Gallegos and company. His shoes are popular among police officers, nurses, retailers and real estate agents - anyone who works on their feet - and there are plenty of those kind of customers around. In the area, you can find the footwear on members of the U.S. Capitol Police and even a naval officer in the White House communications department, according to the new Laurel Z-CoiL store.

Rumor has it, there might be a version for golf enthusiasts coming down the road, too.
Gallegos, ever the dreamer, is also working with Sandia labs to develop a Z-CoiL that can harvest the energy from the spring action to heat your boots, run lights or maybe even power a cell phone as you hike up the side of a mountain. With all that imagination at work, you would think they'd be able to design a more handsome shoe.

"If you're in enough pain, you'll try anything no matter what they look like," says Kathryn Ottman, an artist who fell head over heels for Z-CoiLs when she tried them for the first time in March. She now owns six pair and runs CoiL Heaven, 7417 Van Dusen Road, in Laurel. "Besides, we're not in the fashion industry. We're in the pain relief industry."

Friday, August 20, 2004

Study finds common knee surgery no better than placebo

Study finds common knee surgery no better than placeboHOUSTON--(July 10, 2002)--Patients with osteoarthritis of the knee who underwent placebo arthroscopic surgery were just as likely to report pain relief as those who received the real procedure, according to a Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and Baylor College of Medicine study published in the July 11 New England Journal of Medicine.
The researchers say their results challenge the usefulness of one of the most common surgical procedures performed for osteoarthritis of the knee.

"The fact that the effectiveness of arthroscopic lavage or debridement in patients with osteoarthritis of the knee is no greater than that of placebo surgery makes us question whether the dollars spent on these procedures might not be put to better use," said lead investigator Dr. Nelda P. Wray, a health services researcher at the Houston VA Medical Center and Baylor College of Medicine in Houston.

In the study, 180 patients with knee pain were randomized into three groups. One group received debridement, in which worn, torn, or loose cartilage is cut away and removed with the aid of a pencil-thin viewing tube called an arthroscope. The second group underwent arthroscopic lavage, in which the bad cartilage is flushed out. The third group underwent simulated arthroscopic surgery; small incisions were made, but no instruments were inserted and no cartilage removed."

(Click title to read more)

Anissa Anderson Orr
Baylor College of Medicine

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Honorable Mention For Decorated Side Winder Sandal

Here is the pic of my sandals that won a spot in the dealer fashion show.

At the Annual Z-CoiL dealer conference this past June in Albuquerque there were so many dealers that showed up with decorated Z-CoiL's the company decided to run a fashion show.

A Step Above Footwear, LLC won an Honorable Mention with the decorated Side Winder Sandal.

The sandal was decorated with a thin point silver magic marker which you can find at most art supply stores. Or if you are not feeling creative, for $25 we at A Step Above can decorate the shoe for you.

We just passed our first anniversary of the store opening. To celebrate we are going to sponsor a free Shoe Decorating Class. Keep your eyes open for more information!

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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Suzuki Rock n' Roll Marathon Photo Finish

Here I am coming accross the finish line (Photo) at the Suzuki Rock n' Roll marathon in San Diego, June 2004. I walked, in my Z-CoiL's, the 26.2miles.

It took me awhile but I was incredibly vital at the end of the race.

My next marathon will be the Nike 26.2 in San Francisco, October, 2004. I'll be doing 1/2 of it but running.

Carolyn Linzner
A Step Above Footwear, LLC

A Step Above Footwear Testimonials For August

Z-CoiL Testimonial of the Month: AugustZ-CoiL Testimonial of the Month: August: "As a practicing physician for the last 27 years, you could say that I am one who "stands on her own two feet." Literally, though, I have been standing on my feet for much longer, first as a medical student, then as an intern and a resident, and after 11 long years of medical education, my feet have continued to stand firm at the bedside of my patients. I entered my residency with a shoe size 9, and I finished my training with a hefty size 10. Endless hours on call, all of them mostly standing, finally led to a fallen arch. Now, in my mature years, I have become a wiser, more experienced physician - with painful feet. My left foot has post-traumatic arthritis, and I feel a deep, piercing pain in my right heel from plantar fasciitis.

One weekend about three months ago, I limped into a medical meeting in Houston in my most expensive European shoes, outfitted with a heel pad and an insert, both of which had become of little value towards alleviating my pain. As I dragged myself past the booths displaying various technological exhibits, I noticed a booth with some funny-looking shoes, and an even funnier name: "Cra-Z-CoiL." To my surprise, I saw a number of physicians lined up in front of the booth waiting to try on those shoes. I decided to join the line, hoping the wait wouldn't be too long, since standing was becoming increasingly unbearable. When my turn came, I chose a pair of black sneakers. I stepped into them and I began to walk, and I walked, and walked, and walked, like a toddler fascinated with her first steps. I told my husband, "Please pay the lady and ask her to pack up my Mephistos; I am not getting out of these shoes!" And I haven't. The next day I bought my second pair, the black clogs, and I have not used any of my (many) other pairs of shoes since. "

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If you have a personal Z-Coil Story you would like to share, just add it to comments.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Wearers of an unusual shoe swear it cuts foot, ankle, knee and back pain

Wearers of an unusual shoe swear it cuts foot, ankle, knee and back pain: "When Steve and Janice Dallas took the 2 1/2-hour drive from their home in Canton, Ohio, to Pittsburgh recently, they didn't come to watch the Pirates or visit one of the city's many museums.

They drove here to buy shoes.

Not just any pair, but Z-CoiLs.

'We've had stories of people who've traveled anywhere from two to eight hours to find a location because of how Z-CoiLs have helped people,' says Pamela Rachel Trhlik, communications manager for Z-CoiL Pain Relief Footwear of Albuquerque, N.M.
The shoes with a steel spring mounted on the heel definitely cause heads to turn. They don't make much of a fashion statement; the appeal is their ability to eliminate pain, advocates said.
'I felt immediate relief when I tried on my first pair,' said Stephenie Cready, 35, a hospice nurse from Eighty Four who has plantar fasciitis, a swelling of the thin layer of tissue that supports the arch of the foot. 'It feels like I have pillows on my feet.'"

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By Carole Reinert-Lucas
Post Gazette

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Z-CoiL Footwear : EZ Shoes Blog

Z-CoiL Footwear: "I had a customer come into the store yesterday to get another pair of shoes. She basically said that Z-CoiL's have 'saved her life!' Her knees were in very bad condition and she was extremely overweight. With Z-CoiL's, she was able to start walking again, which changed her whole outlook on life! She started eating better, lost 100 pounds through dieting and exercise, and she has no more knee pain. She has topped her injections of cortisone and is no longer on Vicodan. The relationship with her family has improved because her own self-esteem has improved significantly. She's was not sure where she would be today if it wasn't for Z-CoiL's!

I see many people daily who have had life changing experiences through the use of our pain relief footwear... maybe it's time for you to make the change!

Till later...

Monday, August 02, 2004

The Running Network: Forum: ZCoil Shoes

The Running Network: "Message:
Has anyone who has worn these zcoil shoes had spine fusion? If so please e-mail me.


My wife and I wear Z-Coils.

We found out about then and primarily wanted them for her, because of her bad knees (one is bone-on-bone). She is able to walk without pain for the first time in 5 years. Actually, a year ago, about a month before we found out about Z-Coils, she was in a wheelchair for a few weeks after one particularly bad meniscus tear.

They are truly amazing shoes!

I didn't have any serious pain issues, but I love them. That's all we wear anymore.

We finally decided to become dealers.

As for the rubber pad pulling away from the coil, neither of us has had that problem with any of our Z-Coils which we wear all the time. But it does happen sometimes and is easy to fix. It may have to do with how you are taking the shoe off (where you hold the shoe, etc when pulling it off), or the fact that some people are just simply tougher on shoes than others. I know I am harder on them than my wife! But in 6 months of business and having sold around 600 pairs, we have repaired maybe 10-12 that have done that, but all those were otherwise very satisfied with the shoes.

We have replaced only 3-4 (at $35 a set)and NONE of those were from those that we have sold, but people who have HAD their Z-Coils for 2-3 years! And every one of them bought another pair, so they must be pretty happy with them.

We have runners, personal trainers, clients of personal trainers, doctors, nurses, physical therapists, hairdressers, retail workers, younger people and older people (70's and 80's). They are not for everybody - some people we can't fit or help, but almost anyone can benefit from them!"


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