Thursday, August 19, 2004

Honorable Mention For Decorated Side Winder Sandal

Here is the pic of my sandals that won a spot in the dealer fashion show.

At the Annual Z-CoiL dealer conference this past June in Albuquerque there were so many dealers that showed up with decorated Z-CoiL's the company decided to run a fashion show.

A Step Above Footwear, LLC won an Honorable Mention with the decorated Side Winder Sandal.

The sandal was decorated with a thin point silver magic marker which you can find at most art supply stores. Or if you are not feeling creative, for $25 we at A Step Above can decorate the shoe for you.

We just passed our first anniversary of the store opening. To celebrate we are going to sponsor a free Shoe Decorating Class. Keep your eyes open for more information!

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