Friday, April 01, 2005

Testimonial: Tandy Whitaker

Hi, Carolyn,

I just had to write and tell you how ECSTATIC I am about my new Z-Coil shoes!

I come from a family of folks who all have structural problems with our feet. Even as a child, I had bunions, and every pair of new shoes was misshapen by the time I'd worn them a week. As I grew older, the bunions became more severe and my feet began to hurt worse and worse. For the past 10 years, foot pain has been a constant in my life.

I had bunion surgery on my left foot two years ago (the kind where they cut out a section of bone and then reposition your foot with pins and screws). That foot LOOKS better, but it has actually FELT WORSE since the surgery. Consequently, I haven't even bothered to have the other foot done.

I have spent a small fortune buying shoes that I hoped would allow my feet to feel halfway normal, but to no avail. I would buy some shoes that felt pretty decent in the store, but by the time I took them home and wore them a few hours I'd be miserable. It didn't matter how large the toe box was, or how wide the front of the shoe was, or how thick and cushy the sole was, or how supportive the arch was . . . my feet still hurt! And yes, I tried the famous shoes that so many people have found helpful, and they nearly killed me. The floor of my closet is littered with disappointments!

So now for the GOOD part. Since buying my Z-Coil shoes from you Saturday afternoon, I have hardly taken them off my feet! AND MY FEET DON'T HURT. I don't understand how these shoes work; I just know that, somehow, there is no pressure anywhere on my feet. All the joints, including the big toe joints, feel relaxed and comfortable and flexible. My arches have quit aching. I am, quite frankly, stunned. And delighted. And GRATEFUL.

THANKS for being at the Health Fair last weekend!

Tandy Whitaker


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