Monday, August 02, 2004

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Has anyone who has worn these zcoil shoes had spine fusion? If so please e-mail me.


My wife and I wear Z-Coils.

We found out about then and primarily wanted them for her, because of her bad knees (one is bone-on-bone). She is able to walk without pain for the first time in 5 years. Actually, a year ago, about a month before we found out about Z-Coils, she was in a wheelchair for a few weeks after one particularly bad meniscus tear.

They are truly amazing shoes!

I didn't have any serious pain issues, but I love them. That's all we wear anymore.

We finally decided to become dealers.

As for the rubber pad pulling away from the coil, neither of us has had that problem with any of our Z-Coils which we wear all the time. But it does happen sometimes and is easy to fix. It may have to do with how you are taking the shoe off (where you hold the shoe, etc when pulling it off), or the fact that some people are just simply tougher on shoes than others. I know I am harder on them than my wife! But in 6 months of business and having sold around 600 pairs, we have repaired maybe 10-12 that have done that, but all those were otherwise very satisfied with the shoes.

We have replaced only 3-4 (at $35 a set)and NONE of those were from those that we have sold, but people who have HAD their Z-Coils for 2-3 years! And every one of them bought another pair, so they must be pretty happy with them.

We have runners, personal trainers, clients of personal trainers, doctors, nurses, physical therapists, hairdressers, retail workers, younger people and older people (70's and 80's). They are not for everybody - some people we can't fit or help, but almost anyone can benefit from them!"


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