Sunday, September 05, 2004

Z-CoiL Testimonial of the Month: September

I work for a major home improvement retailer and for 45 years I have lived with scoliosis and more recently with arthritis in my back. Being on my feet for 8-10 hours a day was not helping my back pain and I was considering early retirement. Then one day a fellow associate in the store showed me the flier for Z-CoiLs. She had a pair and loved them. I had been buying 4-5 pairs of a major brand of work boots at $$$$ per pair a year; so I thought nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I looked up Z-CoiL on the web and found your store in Longmont, CO. I drove down and tried on a pair of the Hikers. I knew from the first step that these were the answer to my nagging back pain. I bought them and have been wearing them for work since. Lots of people look at them and want to know about them.

The other day my manager told me that he noticed I was standing more erect and had a real "spring" in my step. I now have a new nickname, "Springy."

Since wearing the Z-CoiLs, I have cut my over-the-counter pain medications by 50 percent and my prescription medications by 50 percent, since one dose works all day (24 hours) instead of only a half day. I am going to buy the work boots for my next pair. I recommend Z-CoiLs to anyone who has nagging back and leg pain.

David Ketchum
Cheyenne, WY


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