Tuesday, September 28, 2004

BBC NEWS | Heated wool offers cosy feet

BBC NEWS | Heated wool offers cosy feet: "A 'smart wool' that can be heated has been developed by a New Zealand-based company, Canesis Network, in conjunction with an Australian woolgrowers' company, Australian Wool Innovation.

It works by using a conductive fibre which is blended with ordinary wool.

When the 'smart' woollen yarn is knitted together, it creates a bed of interconnected fibres with enough resistance to be heated, while retaining all the properties of wool.

'We think that the technology we have here is the first time it's really been integrated into the textile,' said Stewart Collie, science manager at Canesis's Smart Textile Innovation Centre.
The first product, socks that can be heated, should be on the UK market by early next year. "

By Kim Griggs
in Wellington, New Zealand


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