Thursday, December 02, 2004

Z-CoiL Testimonial of the Month: December

Z-CoiL Testimonial I thought my friend from Arizona was becoming a great storyteller when she told me about her new Z-CoiLs. I listened as a friend would and just filed the information in the back of my mind. She kept asking me if I had tried Z-CoiLs yet, and even said she was going back for pair #2.

After years of working in a law office, when ladies dressed in suits and high heels, my feet began to tell on me. I left the law office and trained in home care to take care of my mother, which I did for a number of years. My feet and knees paid the price! After my mom passed away, I decided to stay in this special care program and work for others. I enjoyed it very much, but my feet and knees were getting progressively worse.

In the mornings I would have to hold onto the bed and dresser or the wall just to be able to stand. Each step was so painful that I was in tears before I made it to the kitchen to make coffee. I was under a doctor's care and had to give up walking, which is a big plus in my weight loss program. Each day at work I was in constant pain, and each day I came home in tears. I was constantly on pain medication just to be able to function. Months of pain were wearing my body and my spirit down.

One day my friend called and said, "I am telling you that you won't believe how they would help." Amidst a flow of tears, I said, "I'll call tomorrow, as it sure can't hurt." I found out that a local dealer was just a few miles from my home. That call to Mr. Jamie Dick at Foot RX in Abingdon, VA, was one of the most life-changing calls I ever made.

I met Jamie and was fitted with a pair of Freedom 2000s, white on white. He was so professional and courteous and one of the most informed people representing a particular product that I have ever met. He answered all my questions. I was not rushed or made to feel like I was taking up his time.

From step one, I could tell a difference. The first day I wore my Z-CoiLs to work I cried again, but this time I cried tears of joy. It was the first time in a very long time I was free from pain. I have improved each day and recently walked 17 miles on a picture-taking excursion without a single pain. I enjoy life, I enjoy the outdoors, and I enjoy walking. At 58, I am not ready for a rocking chair.

Yesterday I went back to visit Jamie, to talk to him and thank him for his great part in changing my life. My use of pain medication has nearly ended, and I now smile instead of cry. My granddaughter says wearing Z-CoiLs has even improved my attitude.

Thank you Z-CoiLs---Thank you Jamie.

Ann Taylor
Lebanon, VA
November 9, 2004

P.S. I just picked up my second pair of Z-CoiLs, the Cloudwalkers, and have my request in for a pair of sandals in the Spring!


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