Wednesday, October 20, 2004

The Shoe Box Blog: A Young Girl Of 10

The Shoe Box Blog: "Last week I had a young girl of 10 in to be fitted for Z-Coils shoes. This is a real guttzy kid!!! She was born without a leg and has not let it stop her or slow her down. The Shriners buy her a new protheses every year but at her age that isn't fast enough. She grew over 3.5 inches last year and this is causing some real problems with body pain. Her and her mother were in about 6 weeks ago to see if maybe when she got her new leg that the Z-Coils would help her to be able to walk better and 'maybe, Mom, I'll be able to run'! Like I said, she isn't letting the situation get her down.

When you have one side growing and the other isn't, all the muscles are lax on one side and pulled tight on the other. This causes the hips to be uneven, her back leaning to one side and pressure on the good knee.

She came in wearing her new leg. Posture was much improved but as she walked she rolled. Her protheses attached at the hip. To make it walk, she had to throw her weight. This causes muscles on the good leg, her hips and back to tighten. She rolled out on her good foot. This all combined made her walk very haltingly."

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