Monday, September 13, 2004

Registering to Vote

Please remember to register to vote. In California if you move you have to re-register. I don't know about other states so you might want to check.

I just found out we have a real under registration of young female voters. So I want to ask everyone who reads this blog to reach out and make sure all the young females you know are registered. I have been told by a couple of young ladies they don't vote because it is too confusing. Wouldn't Susan B. Anthony turn over in her grave if she heard such a statement. I want to say those of us that are older and understand the importance of voting reach out and help our younger citizens also understand the importance. Maybe go as far as to discuss and clarify the issues for them.

Just do it.... get out and vote, especially females.

The beginning of women's suffrage began in 1848 and it took 70 years to gain the right to vote. Many women spent time in jail and went on hunger strikes to gain this privilege for us. So let's all respect that hard work by voting this coming Nov 2 and any opportunity we get to vote. Remember use the right to vote so we don't lose it.

Enough said...have a good evening.

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At 9:50 AM, Blogger George Schmidt said...

I fully agree with the need for everyone registering to vote. This election is really critical, and the result could have some serious consequences for the future. I have some rather strong feelings about the two Presidential candidates, but have to be confident that the "Informed Electorate" will overcome the foolishness of those who don't take the time to closely examine the issues and use their vote properly.

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George Schmidt


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