Wednesday, August 25, 2004

A Step Above Footwear Testimonial

I had no idea when I first tried on the Z-Coils that wearing these shoes was going to make such a difference to me. Shoes are just shoes right? Wrong! Z-Coil is in a class by itself. Within days of wearing these shoes, the pain that I had for over six months in the heel of my right foot was gone. And wearing these shoes energizes me. Instead of hitting a hard surface, my feet hit a receptive one. I’ve given all but two pair of my non-Z-Coil shoes away, and I hope the Z-Coil dress version is coming out soon.

Finally, a shoe has been designed that not only supports the foot comfortably but also encourages the foot to heal itself from the damage caused by wearing shoes that were constructed to make the foot conform to the shoe. Thank you Z-Coil for getting it right.

Anita, Santa Rosa, CA


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