Monday, August 23, 2004

After 35 years of foot pain

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I've had chronic pain, and chronic foot pain, for thirty-five years. My massage therapist told me about ZCoils. Our local store is in the same little shopping center as the massage therapist, so one day I stopped in on a Saturday and tried on, nay, purchased my first pair of ZCoils, the High Desert Hikers. On Tuesday I came back for the Zueco Clogs so I could have some springy "slippers." The following Saturday I returned for pair #3, the blue and white Freedom 2000's. I have given up conventional shoes altogether and have been working part time in the store in order to purchase more styles. I now have five. My first pairs still look great. I can't imagine life without ZCoils. Just wish they'd been around these past thirty-five years!

Shellie, Santa Rosa


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