Monday, July 26, 2004

Z-coil shoe puts a spring into the wearer's steps

The Z-Coil shoe, with a steel spring mounted on its heel, looks a bit like the spring-loaded shoes Wile E. Coyote sometimes wears in his fruitless pursuit of the Road Runner.
But Z-Coils have a serious purpose: an escape from pain. The spring suspension system absorbs the impact of walking or running. And despite its high-heel look, the Z-Coil is designed to offer greater stability than other shoes.

Ruth Lamers, 70, of Colorado Springs has worn Z-Coils for about three years. The shoes have eased her chronic back pain and truly put spring into her step. Before, walking half a block was a struggle. Now she takes a half-hour walk on most days.

"I can go shopping," she says happily. "I still get tired if I do too much, but I can shop like normal people."

The Colorado Springs Gazette
Aug. 26, 2003


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